2020 Hotel Feasibility Study

00 - Cover
00 - Study Transmittal Letter
00 - Table of Contents
Section A - Introduction
Section B - Conclusions
Section C - Market Area Analysis
Section D - Site and Area Evaluation
Section E - Supply and Demand Analysis
Section F - Proposed Facilities and Services
Section G - Projected Utilization
Section H-0 - Financial Proforma
Section H-1 - Hotel CEOs See Domestic Starts to Years-Long Recovery
Section H-2 - Hospitality Planning for the New Normal
Section H-3 - 2018-Trends in the Hotel Industry -USA Edition
Section H-4 - Minimum Wage Changes by State
Section H-5 - Tax Incentatives for Hotels
Section H-6 - 2020 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide
Section H-7 - Cost Estimation
Section H-8 - Partnership Issues - Hotel Financial Strategies
Section H-9 - Hotel Management Agreements - Creating a 'Win-Win' Relationship
Section H-10 - 2019 Hotel Management Companies
Section I-IHC Data and Partial Client List
Section I - Moore Haven, FL - Letter of Agreement
ZZ - Feasibility Study for Dual Branded Hotel - Moore Haven, FL