Emergency Management

Glades County Emergency Management is responsible for carrying out the provision of Florida Statute 252 (Emergency Management) which requires the management of emergencies and disasters in Glades County. In the event of an actual or threatening large-scale emergency or disaster, the Glades County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves as a central coordinating point for all emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities.

The EOC operates with key representatives from public safety agencies, emergency relief organizations, county departments, municipalities, utility companies, the school board, private business, news media and other essential organizations. We coordinate our activities with surrounding jurisdictions as well as the State of Florida and FEMA.

When we are not actively working an emergency, we are developing and coordinating programs dealing with emergency preparedness response, recovery and mitigation.

All Hazards Guide 2019-2020
Guia a Todo Peligro 2019-2020

Glades County Emergency Management is dedicated in providing accurate and timely information to the public. This information can include weather advisories, community events, local trainings and more.
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