With the adoption of the new FEMA required Floodplain Management Ordinance in August 2014 and new Flood Hazard Maps as well, the requirements for a Floodplain Review have expanded.  Floodplain Review will be required for all development.  Development is defined by ordinance as any man-made change to improved or unimproved real estate, including but not limited to, buildings or other structures, tanks, temporary structures, temporary or permanent storage of equipment or materials, mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavations, drilling operations or any other land disturbing activities.  The review will determine whether the development is occurring in a flood hazard area, and if the development is complying with the requirements of the code.  

Agriculture activities where the land is being worked are not subject to review unless the activity occurs in a regulatory floodway (which is a flood hazard area) – in Glades County these occur along Bee Branch and Pollywog Creek.    Agricultural structures that are otherwise exempt from the Florida Building Code are not exempt from the Floodplain Management Ordinance and anyone proposing to build a structure on agricultural land must also come in for review. As well, any work proposed to make a change to a watercourse or a shoreline is subject to review.  If the development activity is determined to occur in a Flood Hazard Area, then approval of a Floodplain Development Permit will be required prior to commencement of the proposed activity.

You can check to see if your property is in a flood hazard area by using the FEMA Map Service Center or use the County-maintained Flood Hazard Map.  If you find that your property is in a flood hazard area and plan on doing any development or renovations, you must first submit a Floodplain Review Form to the Community Development Department.  These applications are accessed here Building Applications.

To review Glades County's Floodplain Management Plan Annual Progress Report, please click here.