Glades County does not prepare elevation certificates. Elevation Certificates are prepared by locally licensed surveyors if the property is in Flood Zone AE and may be prepare by the property owner if in Flood Zone A.  The Elevation Certificate is submitted to the Glades County Community Development Department as a requirement of the building permit process. Once submitted, Glades County keeps a copy of the certificate on file. You will need to contact a locally licensed surveyor if we do not have one on file and you need a certificate prepared.

Who Needs an Elevation Certificate?

Structures built in a Special Flood Hazard Area – including A and AE zones – must have a FEMA Elevation Certificate to prove that the structure meets the required Base Flood Elevation or a Floodproofing Certificate for Non-residential Structures. A FEMA Elevation Certificate is required upon placement of lowest floor (prior to further vertical construction) and at final inspection (See FBC, B Sec. 107.3.5, Sec. 110.3 and Sec. 1612.5, and FBC, R322.1.10)

The Elevation Certificate is also required for new flood insurance policies from the National Flood Insurance Program.