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Florida’s Construction Lien Law

Lien Law Definitions 
Contractor Rights

BEWARE OF UNLICENSED CONTRACTORS - Always make sure that the person you are hiring has a Florida State License

Beware of Unlicensed Contractors
Licenses can be verified at this website:

Notice of Commencement Warning to Owner

Construction Documents Submittal Information

Floodplain Management Quick Guide

Electrical Reconnect: If your service is with Florida Power and Light, please contact them directly in order to have service restored.  If your service is with Glades Electric and the power has been disconnected for less than two years, please contact them directly to have power restored.  If it has been disconnected for more than two years, Glades Electric requires an inspection prior to restoring service.  You are responsible for hiring a licensed electrician to inspect your infrastructure.  The electrician must provide you a written affidavit indicating the location of the inspection and that there are no issues with the electrical infrastructure.  You must bring that affidavit to the Community Development Department office.  Community Development then sends a Power Release Request to Glades Electric.