Buckhead Ridge Annex

The Buckhead Ridge Annex Office will be closed until further notice.

The Community Development Department will make every effort to staff the BHR Annex every Wednesday.  However, please keep in mind that the department has only one staff member, Jenny Allen, assigned to the Annex and if Jenny is ill or takes vacation we will need to keep the Annex closed.  We will post notice of any changes to the schedule on this web page, and try to post on the door also.  In the case of an illness, notice may not be posted until Wednesday morning so please check this web page for a notice of closure or change in hours before going to the Annex.   

Form of Payment required:  We will not be able to make change.  You will need to bring the exact amount of payment required in cash or pay by check.

What will be available at the Annex:

  • Permits that have been approved by the Building Official up to Tuesday evening will be available for pick-up.
  • Over-the-counter residential permits such as mechanical, roof, windows, doors, electrical, and demolition can be issued.  Jenny can notarize signatures if required.