Advisory Board

The Community Development Department supports the operation of the Glades County Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission is also known as the Local Planning Agency, Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment, the Land Use and Construction Oversight Commission, and the Contractor’s Competency Board.  The Planning Commission is comprised of seven volunteer members. 

The Planning Commission gives final approval on the following items:

  • All special exception petitions except for special exception petitions related to power plants, public utilities, prison/correctional facilities, utility plants, and any other special exception petition that they elect to refer to the Board of County Commissioners for final decision making. 
  • Variances to the Land Development Regulations. 
  • Administrative appeals from decisions of the Community Development Director regarding Land Development Regulations. 
  • Variances and Appeals to the Floodplain Management Ordinance. 
  • Determinations, when requested by the Director, on whether a particular use not specifically identified in the Land Development Regulations are of the same general character as those listed as permitted principal or accessory uses, or uses permissible by special exception. 

The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on the following items:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments 
  • Rezonings 
  • Zoning Code Text Amendments
  • Subdivision Plan and Plats